Small Brands are Beautiful

Everyone talks about brands these days – we see brands in store, we talk about politicians having brands, even churches talk about ‘brand damage’. Brands are fundamental to businesses of all sizes.

Author, Ian West, has been involved with brands for most of hisworking life, and also spent a good deal of time helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, small businesses often think branding is for the big boys - or something to leave for later when the business is up and running. In truth, as soon as you are in business, you have a brand. It doesn’t matter if you planned it or not, the brand is there. Whether it is Bill’s Window Cleaning, Portsmouth Pressings or Creative Catering – it is a brand. In time it may well become one of your most valuable assets.

This book is designed for SMEs. To help you understand your brand, know how to build it, plan it, nurture and protect it and grow it into something of real value. It’s also about how small brands have some real advantages over their big brothers and sisters, and how you can capitalise upon that competitive edge.

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