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Design your own corporate identity.


The complete how to guide for creating, designing and applying your own business or brand identity.

This book is aimed at start-ups or new business ventures who want to get to grips with their own corporate identity, quickly and inexpensively.

Perhaps you have a good idea of what you want but are just struggling to turn your ideas into something concrete.

Maybe it’s a project you would like to take on out of interest, or to learn more about identity, hands-on.

One important point I would make here: an organisation’s identity is an important asset and not to be taken lightly. Corporate identity consultants and designers are highly specialized. They have usually studied for over four years and are working every day on identity projects. If you have an enterprise level business or have the budget – you should employ a specialist designer if you possibly can. It will certainly repay the investment.

Enough of the health warning, if it’s necessary or desirable for you to go ahead yourself, this book will certainly give you a great understanding of the underlying issues, the practical considerations and a few tips and secrets to move you rapidly forward.

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