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Zapgnosis is the publishing arm and imprint of One Marketing Ltd. We publish specialist business and marketing books titles and illustrated children’s books. Please feel free to give feedback on any of our titles or suggest new books you would like to see on our list.

Silas, the movie?

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Design your own corporate identity.


The complete how to guide for creating, designing and applying your own business or brand identity.

This book is aimed at start-ups or new business ventures who want to get to grips with their own corporate identity, quickly and inexpensively.

Perhaps you have a good idea of what you want but are just struggling to turn your ideas into something concrete.

Latest Books

Silas, the first pig to fly

The fully illustrated story of Silas, the first pig to fly, for reading aloud to children from age three upwards. The classic children's book first published in 1972, this edition is completely updated with all new illustrations.

Inspired by the story of John Moore-Brabazon, pioneer aviator who in 1909 put a small pig in a basket and took it up in an aeroplane, ‘to prove that pigs could fly.’